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Creative Content: 10 Methods To Help You Generate New Ideas

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Apr 18, 2017 9:47:00 AM

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional, a market leader, or an industry new comer, we all have experienced “dry” periods. As hard as we try, we can't come up with a fresh new idea for our content calendar. Creative blocks are not an uncommon phenomenon, and when they appear, they can have a disastrous effect on your constructive capabilities and morale.

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The Online Marketing Secret Experts Use But SMB's Don't

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Apr 13, 2017 9:51:00 AM

We live in a world where information is everywhere.  The challenge we face is that while information may be around us, we either don't see it or if we do see, we may not know what to do with it.  In this post, we are going to share an online marketing secret.  We are going to share 4 tips that you can immediately tap into to provide you with significant insight and help increase your online efforts. 

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15 Twitter Ideas To Engage With Your Audience

Posted by Taha Aziz on Apr 11, 2017 9:53:00 AM

To date, Twitter has over 300 monthly active users. As such, many organizations and brands use Twitter to promote their products, improve branding, and drive traffic to their website. But are you using Twitter properly? In this post, we share 15 Twitter ideas to help take your social media marketing to the next level.

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Content is King: Insight to Help You Master Content Marketing

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Apr 4, 2017 9:02:00 AM

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to help grow your business online. If you haven't checked out the first part of our series, you can find the link here

In this second part of our content marketing series, we focus on why content is king by reviewing some of the best tools and tips to help you maximize your efforts and stay competitive.

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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From March 2017

Posted by Taha Aziz on Mar 30, 2017 9:36:00 AM

March was full of exciting news. From Instagram's new feature that allows you to post multiple pictures, to the rise of video marketing, you don't want to miss out on the big stories. The Social Fusion Group is happy to present this month's top digital marketing blogs from March. 

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Expert Insight to Boost Your Content Marketing Success (Pt.1)

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Mar 28, 2017 9:54:00 AM

We all hear experts emphasize content marketing, but why is it important?

Regardless of the size of your business, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your online presence. As you create content, you’re essentially giving your company and brand a personality. Your posts are not seen as invasive promotional activity, but as informative “tips” that offer your audience value. Further, this will not only allow your message to have greater resonance, but it will also provide you a gateway to form and maintain a relationship of trust between you and your audience.


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Insight From Experts: The Best Times To Post On Social Media

Posted by Taha Aziz on Mar 23, 2017 2:33:13 PM

When it comes to social media, the million-dollar question is: what are the best times to post on social media? We did a little digging around and found out what the experts are saying. 

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The History Of Social Media

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Mar 21, 2017 9:29:30 AM

Today, social networking platforms play a significant role in our everyday lives. Apart from helping us keep in touch with friends, relatives, and acquaintances, and entertain ourselves in our leisure time, their uses have permeated into the world of business.

We truly live in an era governed by social media but, how did it all start? In this post, we look into the history of social media. 

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The Twitter Page Template That Helped Me Gain 17k Followers

Posted by Taha Aziz on Mar 16, 2017 3:47:19 PM

Social media continues to grow faster than ever. Users range from all different ages and backgrounds, and sometimes it even gets a little tough reaching the right audience. In this post, we dig into 7 elements of the Twitter template that helped me gain 17,000 followers.

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Expert Insight To Create Effective Facebook Ads

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Mar 14, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tool available to marketers at any level. Due to its immense following, Facebook is an ideal tool used by SMB to enhance their online exposure, drive traffic to their website or blog, and ultimately generate new leads and sales.

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