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The Twitter Page Template That Helped Me Gain 40k Followers

Posted by Chris Muccio on Jun 3, 2019 9:38:00 AM

Social media continues to grow faster than ever. Users range from all different ages and backgrounds, and sometimes it even gets a little tough reaching the right audience. In this post, we dig into 7 elements we used to create the ultimate Twitter page template that helped our accounts gain 40,000+ followers. In this example we will be looking at @CMe4Marketing.

Twitter page template

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#1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

If you’ve never used Twitter for personal or business reasons, the first thing you must do is complete your Twitter bio. Why? If you simply use the default egg, you are essentially showing a lack of commitment for this tool and no one is going to take you seriously.  Here are some things you should be doing.

  • Relevant Twitter Profile Picture – Users on Twitter filter spam accounts by first looking at the profile picture. If you don’t have one, simply use your business logo or personal photo respectively.
  • Fill out your Twitter Bio – This is the brief one to two sentences under your profile picture. Share what you value, what your business values, anything! Just make sure to keep it relevant.
    • Bonus: try to leverage a winnable keyword to help your Twitter profile show up on search engine results.
  • Twitter Cover photo – Similarly to a profile picture, a cover photo is an image that’s displayed on the very top of your profile. Ideas for images include your latest product, company motto, or even a picture of the whole staff!
  • Twitter Handle – Your twitter handle is your user name. You can go with your own name or something that is branded.  If you go with branded, make sure it’s relevant to your audience and potential new followers. Since my audience are primarily users looking for marketing information, we chose one of our handles to be (@CMe4Marketing).



#2. Tweet Consistently, But Not Excessively

Twitter is all about “tweeting” whenever you want. This is true, but you don’t want to go overboard. If you’re tweeting 60 times an hour, it might come across as spam and users won’t be inclined to follow you. There is no a specific number of tweets you should be posting per hour; for us, we found that spreading our tweets throughout the day worked best for our audience.

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#3. Humanize Your Tweets

If we had to pick only one strategy out of the twitter page template, it would be this one. Make sure you humanize the way you tweet. Which of the following sounds better?

1. "Get More Followers On Instagram"


2. "Instagram For Business: Five Lessons (I Learned) to Get More Followers " 

We can all agree the second one sounds much better and is more descriptive, which in turn will connect better with the audience's interests. 

Another way to come up with engaging Tweets is to spy into your competitors. (What are they doing? How effective is it?)

That's exactly what we did... and the result? We generated 77% growth in traffic and 4x our leads. Click here to learn more!


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#4. Twitter Engagement

Without engagement, how would you know if you have any fans? In the Twitter world, your biggest fans are the one who retweet, like, or comment on your posts. This directly correlates with humanizing your tweets. Imagine you’re “fishing” for new followers. Humanizing your posts “hooks” them in, and now the engagement is “reeling” them in. The easiest way to engage with followers is simply by asking questions and responding to them. I like asking simple questions like "What digital marketing tools do you like?" or "What social media platform do you think is best for your business? " 

tweet example 1


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#5. Use All 280 Characters Effectively

This seems like an obvious one, but Twitter allows users up to 280 characters to tweet. Use them wisely. When tweeting, make sure you have the following elements:

  • Text
  • Trackable link (if you’re pushing your followers to another website)
  • Hashtags

Make the best out of all 280 characters!

tweet example 2

#6. Twitter Hashtags

The easiest tactic to increase impressions and broaden your reach using this twitter page template is to use hashtags. These keywords aggregate into one location, so if clicked, can show you relevant tweets behind the keyword. A great tool to use to find relevant hashtags is Hashtagify. Checkout the screenshot below of what it looks like. 

twitter page template hashtags


#7. Creating Relationships

This last strategy is a little ambiguous. Twitter relationships can be created in numerous ways. Let’s quickly take a look at a few:

  • Influencer marketing – When you’re creating a relationship with an influencer, you can simply retweet their content, mention them in your post, or get their attention by mentioning them in a tweet.
  • Similar brands – Find out if other businesses in your market are on Twitter. A great way to expand your reach is by developing a relationship with similar brands. In our experience, it’s easier to develop a relationship (through retweeting, mentioning, etc.) with a similar brand compared to an influencer.
  • Smaller brands – Just like how you’re looking to get an influencer’s attention, the smaller brands in your market are looking to get yours. Although they might not have huge followings, developing a relationship now could have long lasting effects. 

Bonus: to track which influencers, or any account, interacts with us, we use SEMrush to analyze their profile (followers, types of engagement, and more!) Click here to see how you can use the tool yourself.


Final Comments

While everyone experiences different growth rates when it comes to followers, this Twitter page template helped us achieve the +40,000 mark! Let's quickly recap all the elements.

  1. Complete your Twitter profile - This ensures you don't portray yourself as spam.
  2. Tweet often, but don't spam - Your audience chose to follow you because they enjoy your tweets. Give them what they want!
  3. Humanize your tweets - Add a little personal touch to your Tweets. This helps avoid your words coming off mundane or boring.
  4. Engage with your Twitter followers - Interacting with your audience has many benefits that can generate more traffic and leads to your website.
  5. Using all 280 characters effectively - The optimal tweet consists of 3 parts: text + trackable link + hashtag. Make the most out of the 280 characters Twitter gives. 
  6. Twitter Hashtags - Using relevant hashtags is one of the easiest methods to increase Tweet impressions. Tools such as hashtagify help you pick the best of the best. 
  7. Creating relationships - Similarly to engagement, developing relationships with other Twitter users can help increase your Tweet.


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