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15 Twitter Ideas To Engage With Your Audience

Posted by Taha Aziz on Nov 27, 2018 9:27:00 AM

To date, Twitter has over 300 monthly active users. As such, many organizations and brands use Twitter to promote their products, improve branding, and drive traffic to their website. But are you using Twitter properly? In this post, we share 15 Twitter ideas to help take your social media marketing to the next level.

twitter ideas

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1. Proper Tweet Format

Start your tweet with text and then add a link. Make sure to tag influencers with @mentions if applicable. Then add hashtags and insert your image. Your tweet should look like: [Tweet + hashtag + trackable link]

2. Tweet Quotes

Inspiring, motivational, and even humorous quotes give your followers brief boost during their work day

3. Create a poll

This can help you boost your social media engagement. Twitter offers built-in polls. Ask them anything related to your business and pin it to the top of your profile!

twitter poll

4. Stats Regarding Your Niche

Posting new and relevant industry statistics will help build your thought leadership; and we all know the power of becoming an influencer in your niche.



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5. Your Blog Posts

Social media is a great way to drive traffic back to your blog post and website. Posting evergreen articles through social media will help you increase just that.

6. Share Resourceful Blog Posts From Industry Leaders

Sharing blog posts from industry leader not only gets your foot in the door when it comes to influencer marketing, it also helps establish your own thought leadership. Don’t hesitate to share a post or two written by industry leaders.

7. Infographics

People love infographics. They’re short and easy to read. Find a relevant infographic in your niche, or better yet, create your own!

8. Engaging Posts

The best way to get your followers talking is through engaging post. This can come in a format of a question or something simple like “retweet to spread the awareness”. Get in a habit to publish engaging posts. You won’t regret it!

twitter engagement

9. Hashtags

The easiest way to boost Twitter impressions is by using hashtags. You can use as many as you want, as long as they fit within the 140 characters. If you’re struggling to find hashtags, use the tool hashtagify to find the most relevant or trending.

10. Products

Many big name brands and organizations use Twitter to showcase their product. This could come in the form of a promotion video or photo, or a simple product image talking about the benefits of the item. Make sure you don’t post just product photos, but blend it in with your Twitter campaign.

11. User Generated Content (Fan Photos)

User generated content is the easiest way to make your followers happy. Fans love when organizations engage with them. Post photos of your followers using your product and engage with your audience!


Twitter content

12. Reviews/Testimonials

Many businesses rely of reviews and testimonials to generate new leads and traffic. Publishing positive reviews on your Twitter feed will help boost your business’s branding.

13. Slideshare Presentation

If you’re looking for different methods to distribute content, Slideshare is a great way to go. In order to direct traffic to post, simply share it on Twitter! It’ll help with your business branding and help educate your followers with your Slideshare. 

14. Replying To Followers

It’s common to have your audience as questions about your brand or even have technical issues. Make sure you’re on top of any questions and issues your followers might have.

15. Twitter Analytics

Every Twitter account comes with free analytics. Use the tool to track your follower growth, monthly impression, and more! 

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