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9 (Unique) Ways to Generate Web Traffic

Posted by Taha Aziz on Aug 16, 2017 8:45:00 AM

One of the toughest and most important aspects of digital marketing is generating web traffic. There are tons of methods, tips, and tricks to getting that boost your blog desires. Some of our favorite methods are less-known tactics; check out the list below and we’ll even share where to find more details!

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* Did we miss one our list? Let us know your useful traffic generation method and we’ll add it to our list with a link back to your site! *

1. Posting on Twitter

The simplest thing you can do is post your message on Twitter with a link back to the specific blog post. Be sure to add relevant hashtags and tag influencers (if applicable) to increase your potential reach. BONUS: Add a link in your Twitter bio for users to follow when viewing your profile

2. Posting on Facebook

Promoting content on Facebook is both tricky and easy at the same time. What do we mean by this? Generating organic views on the platform shouldn’t be your "go-to" concept. Instead, consider posting an article and simply boosting it to a well-targeted audience.

3. Newsletter To Your Email list

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 contacts on your email list or 10,000; you already have an established audience. They subscribed to your content for a reason, be sure to feed them your latest case study or even an article you enjoyed reading.

4. Organic Traffic

Similar to what we said about Facebook traffic, it’s hard to generate organic traffic. (It’s not impossible however!). The first thing you would have to do is find winnable keywords (we like to use SEMrush), make sure your content is long enough, and optimize the webpage (meta description, alt text, adding multimedia, etc.).


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5. Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is a tactic that can streamline content creation, boost social media shares/engagement, and can boost your traffic acquisition. Let's consider a long, SEO friendly blog post for an example. You can convert it/repurpose it into: an infographic, a slideshare, a short promotional video, use the content for email nurturing, and much more! Be sure that you include a link back to the original post.

6. Content Syndication

Syndicating your content means publishing your post on another website that links back to your original post/site. This is a great way to get in front of another business’s audience. Other syndicated sites include Alltop, StumbleUpon, and Medium.

7. Pursuing Backlinks

Have you ever read a great article and thought, “My recent post would be a great addition to this article!” If you were to email the author and mention you created a similar post and they link back to your page, that’s a backlink. The best tactic is to get backlinks from sites that get a high volume of traffic, as only a portion will click the link. (It can even enhance your search engine optimization!)

8. Referral Marketing

This form of traffic acquisition can be broken down into many levels. To name a few, this includes influencer marketing, relationship marketing, taking advantage of affiliate opportunities, etc. The best recommendation here is to take reach out to your existing network and ask them to share. Be sure to offer value to them; this will be your unique value proposition. Others will be more inclined to share your post if you did something for them.

9. Paid traffic

Last, but surely not least, paid is a great way to generate more traffic. Just because you’re paying doesn’t mean you have to go run to the bank. Sites like Growtraffic will push your webpage to thousands of users within your market.

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