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26 Articles To Help You Understand Content Syndication

Posted by Taha Aziz on Aug 24, 2016 9:08:48 AM

Content syndication is a tool that can get your content and website in front of a whole new audience. Syndication allows marketers to share their content on third-party sites that generally boast a large audience. These third-party sites typically aggregate content from all over the web, providing tons of great information for their viewers, making the site likely to draw a lot of traffic. Much like website, syndication must be optimized. Here are 26 articles to help you understand content syndication. 


Step-By-Step Guides:

  • Content syndication ultimately should drive lead generation to your blog or website. Kamil Rextin shares his ultimate guide to content syndication.
  • Although this is just a chapter out of The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience, chapter 8 shares insight on content syndication networks. content syndication
  • What is content syndication and does it really work? Sales Fusion gives us their perspective on the topic.
  • Canonical links are used to differentiate the original content from the syndicated content. Here’s the complete guide on setting up canonical links.


Do's & Don’ts of Content Syndication:

  • There are many moving parts content syndication so it can be easy to get confused and make a mistake. Nate Birt shares his do and don’t of content syndication. 
  • Don’t have any ideas how to syndicate your content? Jessica Kandler shares 23 creative syndication ideas in this article.  


What Is Content Syndication?

  • Christopher Ratcliff, from Search Engine Watch, takes us through the practice of content syndication in this blog
  • content syndicationEric Enge tells us why, when, and how to syndicate content.
  • Search Engine Journal contributor Amanda DiSilvestro teaches us about content syndication 101: the basics for your small business.
  • Social Fusion offers many insights in the digital marketing world. Check out the growth tactic of the month – content syndication.  

 Videos and Podcasts:

  • content syndicationSocial Zoom Factor shares 10 tips to maximize business results with guest blogging and content syndication. This 166th episode of their digital marketing podcast answers content questions about syndication and guest blogging.  
  • Moz creates and shares tons of insightful articles, many of them accompanying with videos! In this series, Whiteboard Friday, learn the basics of content syndication.
  • When you have a problem, why not address it from the source? In this video, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev shares information on duplicate content and if it really is bad for SEO.


Tools For Content Syndication:

  • Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream. He shares the best content marketing tools for creation, promotion, syndication, and more! Check it out here.
  • Not sure where to syndicate your content? Kim Roach shares a massive list of 500+ websites where you can syndicate your content around the web! 
  • Kissmetrics pitches in on their perspective about 3 common myths with content syndication.

  For more tips and tricks on content marketing, check out these blogs below: 

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