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Best Content Creation Assistant Tools: Our Top Picks for May

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on May 2, 2018 8:13:00 AM

In the previous months, we looked at email marketing and lead gen tools; but what good are those without strong email, landing page, and content copy? For this reason, this month’s tools, we will be concentrating on content creation tools that can assist you in creating the best copy possible!

 evolution of content


Hemingway App

Named after Ernest Hemingway, this tool is a must for anyone writing content online. The sole purpose of this app is to help you edit and improve not only your current posts, but also your future writing abilities.

To use the Hemingway app, simply go to their website, paste your content piece, and let the tool take over. However this time, instead of telling you what the tool does, we will show you! 



While the tool is completely free online, there is also a desktop version available for PC and Mac for $19.99. Once editing is complete, the app allows you to export the file in a markdown, .html, .pdf, and other text formats.



One of the most cumbersome, and off-putting things for readers, is a text plagued with grammatical mistakes. Thankfully, apps such as Grammarly exist.

Grammarly is a free add-on for your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) that can quickly scan entire content pieces and recommend corrections for errors it picks up. It sounds pretty simple, and it is. All you need to do is paste your post in the tool and let it do the rest.

gram tools post


There is also a paid version that offers you additional services, such as document and style specific checks, sentence structure, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement.

We recommend using this tool in unison with the Hemingway App as both tools can supplement each other very well.



If you feel that actual human editors can do a much better job at proofreading and shifting out errors than automated apps, then look no further than EduGeeksClub.

EduGeeksClub is an actual online professional editing and writing service that can not only proofread and help you find and fix potential grammatical or syntax errors; they can also help you create informative well written articles or copies.

As opposed to Grammarly however, this tool is not free but worry not, as their services are worth the price paid.


There are only so many ways to say the same thing, and with content saturation being a big issue these days, we want to make sure our content stands out and be as different as possible. Enter, Copyscape.

Copyscape is a tool that scans the web for identical content pieces and plagiarized posts. All you have to do is paste your document in the designated area and let the software do the rest. What does this cost you? Nothing but a few cents.

copyscape scrn tools post

Bonus note: You can also use this tool to see if other people are stealing your content, and take action quick. Furthermore, you can also check to see if you yourself have been reusing your ideas and potentially harming your rankings with duplicate content online.


SEMrush Writing Assistant

If you currently own an SEMrush account, you might have noticed a bit of hype over their new SEO Writing Assistant (SWA). This is a free Google Docs add-on that is a must if you want your content piece to be SEO ready. All you need to do is paste your content piece on a blank Google Doc sheet, hit create template, add the keywords for which you wish to rank for, and get results!

Once the content template is created, the tool will provide you with a readability score (based on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test) and recommended keywords along with their monthly search volume and difficulty.


swa example tool post



Finally, we have StackEdit, an in-browser markdown editing tool that is especially directed to web writers. How many times have you tried transferring a piece of content from a .doc to your site, only to find that the formatting is all off?

With this nifty tool, you can easily copy it from WordPress, MS Word, or Google Docs and convert it to .html with little to no hassle, while maintaining the original layout. The thing that makes this possible is PageDown, a WYSIWYG-style Markdown editor used by Stack Overflow.

Moreover, it allows you to sync your files with the following popular accounts:


stack image tools post


Finally, the tool also has an offline functionality, allowing you to continue working even at places were there is limited or bad connection (i.e. while traveling.)

Those are our top 6 picks for content writing assistance. Are there any tools you currently use that were not featured on our list? Let us know! And as always feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or on our social channels.

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