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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From February 2018!

Posted by Nicholas Dimitriadis on Feb 27, 2018 9:06:00 AM

As you know by now, every month our team goes through a plethora of articles and posts related to all things digital marketing, and this month was no different.  Here are some of our top pick from this past month, with topics ranging from SEO, to PPC, to Content Marketing, and of course, Social Media.


best digital marketing blogs for february.jpg


  • According to Lisa Buyer from the Search Engine Journal, some SEO keywords have become overused, overvalued, and have just run their course. In her article “20+ SEO Words You Should Delete From Your Vocabulary Immediately” she asks leading SEO experts on which words they consider you should cut back on (or be done with).
  • The new year is a great opportunity to start something new, something that will grow your business above and beyond where it currently stands. But before that, you will need to take a step back and review your campaigns to see where you can make improvements. In this article, Casie Gillette shares her ideas for starting off 2018 right with 3 proper SEO tactics.
  • As mobile usage continues to grow, more and more users are comfortable with speaking to their devices rather than typing their queries. In this article Clark Boyd goes over a few simple tactics to help you get mobile SEO for voice search right.

Paid Advertising

  • PPC is a powerful tactic that can significantly boost your business’ growth, but sometimes we might just not have the resources to invest in such a strategy. Tereza Litsa however, disagrees. In her article, she underlines how you don’t need a large budget for an effective PPC strategy, and helps us understand how we can maximize the success of our PPC campaigns regardless of our available budget.
  • In this article, Jacob Baadsgaard suggests that, rather than focusing on different ways to catch your customer's eye with attractive PPC ad copies; you should start by looking at what customers are already responding to. Let’s join Baadsgaard as he shows us how to reverse-engineer our online advertising strategy.

Content Marketing

  • In this article, Carla Johnson shares her thoughts on what is responsible for killing our most creative content ideas, and underlines ways with which we can stop it. A highly relatable, and useful post for anyone that has been creating content. Check out the full article here.


  • When it comes to anything marketing, especially social, one of the first things anyone should know is “their ideal audience”. But how can we tell who these individuals are, and what kind of content do they like? In this article, Alfred Lua goes over 10 free tools to help you understand your social media audience.

Are there any articles you red this month that stood out? Do any of them our lists? Let us know!

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