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Social Media Updates (So Far!) From 2017

Posted by Taha Aziz on Jun 6, 2017 9:07:00 AM

As we know, social media is constantly changing. It's hard to stay up to date with all the marketing news and articles. To help you out, we compiled the latest social media updates of 2017. 

social media updates

Our first update is brought to us by Andrew Hutchinson of SocialMediaToday. He shares a new feature brought by Pinterest that allows new opportunities for marketers. Autoplay Video Ads on the platform will hopefully generate more shares, exposure, and engagement. To read more in detail, click the Tweet above. 


In the last few years, Snapchat has rocket launched into the social media world. Just when you think there can't be any more updates, we stand corrected and get excited for the feature. In the latest update, Snapchat will now allow custom Stories for group moments. To read more, click the Tweet above


Facebook first started this battle by trying to eliminate "fake news." Throughout the year, they've updated the site to cut down on the spam. Taking it to another level, Facebook recently introduced Trending Topics, a feature you can choose what publisher you want to read. For more details, check out the Tweet above


In the latest social media wars, Instagram introduced two new features to their Stories. (Both Snapchat and Instagram have this feature.) The first allows a location to be added to the story. It's not just a photo filter, it's an actual clickable geo-tag. The second is a hashtag with the same capabilities.  


The war isn't over! Instagram added ANOTHER feature that mimics very closely to Snapchat. Although the famous dog ears aren't available on Instagram, you can still find additional photo filters. 


As marketers, we know the importance of leads and generating them. In the latest Twitter update, the platform now gives brands more multimedia features within a promoted tweets. The goal is to encourage one-on-one conversations and increase engagement

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