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Content Marketing Tools - Our Top Picks For December 2017

Posted by Taha Aziz on Dec 26, 2017 8:07:24 AM

Earlier this year, we shared our favorite marketing tools of the month, which was full of instruments designed to take your marketing efforts to the next level. In honor of this year’s ending, we wanted to share not only the best content tools of the month, but tools you should be checking out as we enter 2018.

 Content Marketing



Have you ever struggled with content creation? It could be a new blog post or an email copy you’re struggling to come up words with. This is where Airstory comes in.

As the platform says: “Start with a madlibs-style teaching template.” What does this mean?

The best way to see this tool in full action is by letting them tell it themselves.


Marketing tip: Save a ton of time with content creation that could be valued elsewhere.



One of the best forms of marketing is video marketing. But who has the hours to create a ton of videos? No one!

Fleeq is an easy to use platform for creating and distributing videos.


Fleeq.io home video


See how easy it is? All you need are screenshots and Fleeq takes care of the rest. You’re able to export these videos in a plethora of ways; GIF, popups on your site, or even a simple MP4.

 Marketing tip: Now you can create videos for every aspect of your business:

  • Repurpose your content to promote on YouTube
  • Creating educational videos for your employees
  • Help your customers troubleshoot their problems

The possibilities are endless! Fleeq makes it incredibly easy to create and share videos.



 Now that you have killer content, you need to make sure you get views on it. (Content creation without content distribution is essentially useless!)

One of the leading content traffic sources is social media. But just like everything marketing, there are so many details and layers.

  • What kind of images work best?
  • How do I easily publish it across all my social channels?
  • This takes too long… How can I put this on autopilot?

That’s where PromoRepublic comes in to help! Here are just some of its many features:


blog image TA tools.png


If you’re strapped with time and need a tool to help you get things done, take a hard look at PromoRepublic

Marketing tip: automate your social media publishing to save you even more time.



How often do you struggle with creating eye catching presentations, whether it’s for a client or simply just an offer you’re trying to create?

With Slideshop, get access to over 16,000+ presentation templates.


Slideshop Templates video


Typically, buying PowerPoint templates can cost hundreds of dollars, but now, you have access to hundreds of templates for one low price!

Next time you’re backed in a corner for a presentation, you’ll be able to get it done in an instant!

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