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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From March 2018!

Posted by Taha Aziz on Mar 28, 2018 8:33:00 AM

Wow, is it me or has time been flying? It's time for another edition of our best digital marketing blogs, this time from March! This month, we'll be sharing our favorite articles about content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and lead generation.



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Before we begin, we wanted to bring your attention to a recent report released by Buzzsumo. Did you know the content marketing world is shifting? What we mean by this is shares are down and people are viewing content differently.

Take a minute and check out our recap of the report. You might be shocked to learn where content marketing is headed.


Social Media Marketing

  • We all know the power of social media; it can drive traffic, leads, and ultimately sales. However, without optimizing your channels, posting on social media is useless. In this post, we discuss how to optimize Twitter for your business.
  • Instagram is a platform that has been exponentially growing since the beginning. Now, more than ever, are businesses tapping into the platform to generate marketing results. In this post, Neil Patel talks about How to Generate B2B Leads with Instagram Stories


Content Marketing

  • Now let's dig into the actionable marketing insight... Do you have blog posts from past years that are just sitting there? They might actually be useful for you. In this post from Entrepreneur, the articles talks about  How to Wring Value From Outdated Blog Posts.

Bonus: We've compiled a list of content distribution tactics. Grab it here for free! (No opt-in required)


Search Engine Optimization 


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Social Media Tips

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