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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From August 2017

Posted by Taha Aziz on Aug 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM

August was full of digital marketing news! From social media marketing to native advertising, the Social Fusion Group looks at the best digital marketing blogs from the month of August.

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Social Media

  • Hashtags are a vital part of social media marketing. They provide more visibility, build brand awareness, and encourage engagement. In this post by an Instagram expert, Noah explains how to use hashtags to effectively grow your Instagram account.
  • We’re in a digital age where mobile marketing is just as important (if not more) as desktop. In this post by Mari Smith, the expert explains what marketers need to know about Facebook mobile video.
  • When it comes to organic traffic, more specifically SEO and page ranking, there are a ton of factors. Of these, one of the most important one is social media. In this post, WebProNews shares their insight on how social media marketing improves your Google rank.

instagram marketing


  • As marketers, we spend the whole day running in a million directions. It’s not easy improving skills when you don't have time. In this post, Christian K shares his secret on improving social media skills while busy with business challenges.
  • Engagement is one of the key factors of growing your social media profiles and accounts. Luckily for us, Sue Zimmerman shares her insight on Instagram engagement strategies for faster growth.
  • Are you struggling to land clients for your social media agency/business? HeyOrca share the top 5 reasons why these businesses lose clients.

Content Marketing

  • When it comes to learning or educating ourselves with a new topic, the first person we turn to is an expert or influencer. When it comes to content marketing, did you know we could learn from Netflix? Dennis Williams explains how.
  • Content drives traffic to your website and taps into your audience’s pain, need, or interest. Here are 7 facts you need to know about intent behind user search.

content marketing

Influencer/Native/Paid Advertising

  • The Social Fusion team kicked off their ‘Expert Interview’ series with Native Advertising pro, Chad Pollitt. You can check out the full post here.
  • The marketing world is in a digital era. Technology and innovation are at an all time high (and continue to grow). So how is technology redefining native ads for brands? This expert explains; click the link to read more.
  • Don’t believe that native advertising is one of the next biggest waves? Maybe this report will prove the potential in this marketing tactic. (Here’s a hint, it's a multi-billion dollar market!)

Lead Generation

  • Everyone loves easy tips and tricks to improve their marketing efforts. In this post by Sam Oh, Founder of Money Journal; the expert shares 6 super simple content marketing hacks to double your lead generation.
  • Have you ever considered the psychology behind marketing, more specifically CTA’s? In this interesting post, Eric Sachs shares his insight on the thought process of a website visitor.
  • Tools help marketers become more efficient and streamline the whole process. In this post by Nineveh Madsen, she shares top lead generation tools every business should be banking on.


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