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November Online Marketing News

Posted by Heather Bonebrake on Dec 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM

2016 is coming to a close, but there is still a ton of new information coming out from the world of online marketing. In November, we came across some exciting articles on topics ranging from app development to social media marketing plans to influencer marketing. In this article, we will recap 10 intriguing articles that will shed some light on the ever-changing area of online marketing. 

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  1. Google announced the news of their recently released app development tool, App Maker. The newest addition to the G Suite will make app making accessible to the masses with an easy to use platform. App development has long been a cost-prohibitive arena, but this is likely to change with the latest Google offering. 
  2. Marketing Week presents a year in review for 2016. The piece discusses everything from politics to soda, and how marketing played a part in some of the biggest news stories of the year. 
  3. Ian Leslie of The Economist discusses the science behind what makes apps addicting. This article digs into the concepts of incentive and reward, and the how and why of users' reactions to apps. The implications of this piece could certainly translate across multiple mediums for widespread application. 
  4. Tatiana Doscher summarizes 10 essential tools that every content marketer needs to know about. From the well known tools like Moz to the less known tools like Grammarly, this piece loads  more tools into the proverbial tool box that every content marketer should constantly be looking to fill.
  5. Carolyn Boyd presents 4 tips from digital marketing expert Byron Sharp. Sharp suggests some lesser discussed topics like straying away from competitions on social media and being careful about selecting social media tools. 
  6. Donna Merril discusses how you can spend money effectively on blogging. Merrill discusses the difference between blogging for fun and blogging for profit and how brands can most efficiently spend their marketing dollars for the biggest return on blogging. 
  7. Bloomberg author Max Chafkin presents his Confessions of an Instagram Influencer. Chafkin breaks down the before and after of his Instagram transformation, including a physical alteration in his appearance and the difference between the content he shared with his followers. 
  8. Inbound Rocket presents 11 simple steps for creating a social media marketing plan. This article goes in depth into the process of building a plan for your brand across several social media platforms. The center of the system revolves around three key factors, learn-build-measure. 
  9. Ad Week reports on 7 surprising digital marketing statistics from the week of Black Friday. This piece is jam-packed with some great takeaways for digital marketers, not the least of which is how big of a giant Amazon really is when it comes to online sales. 
  10. The Huffington Post presents the secret to building an email list of 100k+ subscribers. This article presents tips and tricks from 35 industry experts and compiles their strategies into one easy to read piece. 

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