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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From May 2017

Posted by Taha Aziz on May 30, 2017 8:31:00 AM

May was full of digital marketing news! From content marketing to social media marketing, the Social Fusion Group looks at the best digital marketing blogs from the month of May!


Inbound Marketing

  • "Smarketing" - or better defined as the concept of positioning sales and marketing teams together, is the best way to get the most out of your business. So how do you track it? With KPIs (key performance indicators). In this post, Ben Jessup shares the most important KPIs by funnel stage, more specifically the awareness stage. 
  • Are you looking to fine tune your digital marketing skills? Luckily for us, Rhonda Bavaro compiled this post on where to find FREE online digital marketing training. 
  • Before online marketplaces, John McTigue explains manufacturers had two choices for sales (direct and channel partner). He goes on to explain 3 ways marketers can increase channel partner sales. Read more here
  • Are you trying to convince your manager/supervisor/boss to enter the world of content marketing? The folks over at Spiralytics share this post on how to convince your boss to say “Yes” to content marketing.
  • Running a non-profit business can be extremely tough. As Jenny Traster says, "...marketing often takes a back seat to other issues that are seemingly more pressing." In this post, she shares 4 inbound marketing tools for your non-profit
  • An amplified Inbound Marketing strategy can be created, and take your business to the next level, when all channels are working properly. Uri Bishansky shares tactics on how to leverage this amplified inbound marketing in your B2B business.  


 Content Marketing

  • Did you know beer and content marketing have things in common? Yes you read that right, and yes, that kind of beer. In this highly interesting post, Jeff Baker shares the similarities between content marketing and beer. 
  • We all know its about proper timing. The best time to post on social media, the best time to send an email, but did you know there's a best time to publish content? In this post, Paul Mergenhagen shares his insight on how to discover the optimum time to publish content.
  • When it comes to posting new articles or blogs, many content marketers just write "stuff" and hope it sticks. However, it is quality that drives traffic, engagement, and authority. Jordan Stella over at UpCity shares 5 tips on creating a more meaningful content
  • Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from them. James Brockbank sheds highly valuable insight on 5 content marketing mistakes you should avoid to earn more links
  • According to Adam Wagner, more video content is uploaded to the internet in a single month than network television has produced in three decades. It's because of this, he shares how your business can maximize the use of video in your content marketing strategy. 
  • If you think of the term "content marketing" as a game of Jenga, it takes one misplaced piece for the whole thing to fall. Greg Snow-Wasserman, of WooRank, shares 6 common mistakes that tank content marketing plans.  

content marketing


Social Media Marketing

  • We know social media marketing is getting more and more popular. But why? Jordan French shares his insight on why this popular marketing channel matters for more reasons than you think.
  • Facebook is another powerful social media tool. There are multiple ways the tool can help your business target the right audience. However, Lucia Moses shares her insight on why publishers are seeing another big decline in reach on Facebook
  • If you put together social media marketing and content marketing, what do you get? One really awesome tactic. In this post by Carol Barash, the expert shares 3 ways to master social media content marketing
  • LinkedIn has forever been known as the platform for professionals. It allows users to network and learn more about their peers. But is Facebook replacing LinkedIn as the new professional network? Andy Beohar of SevenAtoms shares his thoughts
  • We mentioned earlier that businesses are using Facebook as part of their marketing channels, but how? Bob Hutchins shows us the 4 steps you can follow to generate leads on Facebook. 
  • When you think of the most popular social media influencer of 2016, it might have to be DJ Khaled. We can learn what makes their channels popular and tips/tricks we might implement for our own business. Another celebrity we can learn from is Chris Pratt. Meenah Khosraw teaches us how to use video like Chris Pratt on social media
  • If you have never advertised on social media, you're in luck. Julie Chomiak at Vistaprint Digital shares the social media advertising basics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Email Marketing

  • One of the biggest news from the month of May has to be the announcement from MailChimp. Starting this month, the tool announced free marketing automation for everyone!
  • Whether you're trying to reach an influencer, connect with your audience, or just sending out a cold email, it's hard to expect a response. Richard Feloni however shares his 6 tactics to get a response from even the busiest people
  • If you have a retail business, you should consider these 3 types of emails to help you engage with customers and boost their ROI.

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