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Rate Your Website: 90% of Business Owners Say They’re Failing

Posted by Heather Bonebrake on Oct 13, 2016 8:05:00 AM

Before the internet, customers would often form their first impression of a business when they walked in the front door of the store. In the digital age, our customers form a first impression of our business long before they ever make direct contact with our brand. Website effectiveness is a multi-faceted topic that includes everything from search engine optimization to site design. In this article, we will discuss an area of online marketing where the majority of business owners admit they are lacking. 

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Why Not Tracking Traffic is Losing You Money

Posted by Heather Bonebrake on Oct 7, 2016 8:05:00 AM

If online marketing is the wave of the future of businesses big and small, websites are the nexus of growth. Gone are the days of business card style websites that are nothing more than a phone book listing. Potential customers travel to businesses’ websites to inform their buying decisions. Your website needs to be informational, easy to navigate, and engaging. How do you know if your website is fulfilling all of these needs? Tracking traffic and analyzing lead generation!

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17 Tips to Find Your Target Audience Online

Posted by Chris Muccio on Apr 23, 2014 10:59:00 AM

There are millions of users online and quite frankly, most will not be leads. By determining who your target audience online is, what information they value, and then finding where they spend their time online, you’ll be able to focus your marketing initiatives most effectively.

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Topics: web traffic, Target Audience, Lead Generation, Lead generation for small business, leads online

Strategies That Work - Challenges & Solutions for Video Marketing

Posted by franklin murrah on Apr 10, 2014 7:56:00 PM

In today’s post, we feature a conversation between Wendy Stevens, a leader in guerilla marketing for women, and our own Chris Muccio. The topic up for dissection and discussion is video marketing and this week Wendy and Chris discuss some strategies that work.

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Topics: web traffic, Strategies that work, Video Marketing, Marketing to Women

Content Marketing for Small Business – 3 Success Stories

Posted by Chris Muccio on Jun 11, 2013 2:05:00 PM

Content marketing for small businesses offers an effective way to build web traffic and drive prospects into your sales funnel. If you are running a small business, leads are very important. They help drive the sales cycle. The best way to get qualified leads is with rich quality content.

Here are three companies who have had success with content marketing for small businesses:

Company # 1: Security Management Solution Company

Problem: This company provides a specific solution to manage security incidents and events. Their earlier market was specific and narrow. After introducing a new product with a lower price, the company wanted to expand its market.

Campaign Goal: To open up their solution to a wider audience and to compete effectively against their 22 competitors. Their focus was to become the go-to website for customers who wanted information on their industry.

Work Done: The company hooked up with experts in their particular field to produce a variety of content including articles, white papers, and podcasts. The content focused on sharing information instead of hyping their products. The company implemented careful tracking of leads and their interests. This allowed sales staff to engage the prospects intelligently and effectively.

Outcome: Qualified leads increased by 171 percent within a year. The conversion rate for leads to customers increased from 42 percent to 75 percent at the same time. Revenue increased by 38 percent.

Company # 2: Law Firm Specializing in Consumer Law

Problem: A law firm had the chance to capitalize on the use of Chinese drywall in construction. The drywall caused health problems for residents of buildings where builders had installed it. 

Campaign Goal: The law firm wanted to become the go-to firm for victims of this drywall problem. Because other firms were going to move on the same issue, this firm wanted to move quickly and effectively.

Work Done: The law firm grabbed a relevant URL related to the problem. Within a few weeks, the website was full of rich content with up-to-date information added all the time. The content provided information. The mention of the law firm was subtle. With a solid SEO base of content, the law firm took to social media to spread the word.

Outcome: The law firm holds their own on the first page of search engine results. Almost 4000 unique visitors come to the site monthly. Fifty percent of the law firm's leads come from the blog and website currently.

Company # 3:  Environmentally Friendly Thermoplastic Manufacturer

Problem: This company produces environmentally friendly thermoplastics. The company faces high levels of competition from traditional thermoplastics manufacturers. Potential customers hesitated to use an untried product.

Campaign Goal: To educate potential customers on the environmentally friendly thermoplastics available.

Work Done: The company commissioned a white paper focused on the benefits and reliability of the company's products. The white paper focused on one of their customer's use of the technology. They placed the white paper on their website for customers to download and read.

Outcome: The white paper generated a great deal of interest. It caught the attention of an industry magazine who wanted to feature the company in its pages. Over 500 leads came directly from customers reading the white paper on the website. Existing customers increased their purchases after reading the innovations outlined in the white paper.

All of these companies were the small businesses trying to play with the big companies. They used content marketing to give their companies the boost necessary to go to the next level. Companies of many sizes can use rich content. When it comes to marketing for small businesses, content rules the roost.

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Topics: inbound marketing for business, content marketing for leads, web traffic, new customers, online content marketing, what is content marketing, Content Marketing, marketing for small businesses, marketing for small business, small business growth

PPC Success Stories – Purchase Your Way to Business Growth

Posted by Chris Muccio on Apr 2, 2013 2:52:00 PM

Pay-per-click campaigns offer a great way to bring a lot of traffic to your website in a short amount of time. If you have the means, you can buy enough ads to generate a great deal of business growth. But, it is very important to have a focused campaign designed by professionals. If not, you are wasting money. There are plenty of businesses around the planet who have had a great deal of success using PPC campaigns. You can replicate that PPC success yourself with a bit of help.

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Topics: web traffic, PPC Success, Convert PPC traffic to leads, Get the most value from PPC, search engine rankings

6 Tangible Benefits from Intense Online Content Marketing

Posted by Chris Muccio on Mar 12, 2013 3:58:00 PM

Content marketing offers so many benefits that most companies would be foolish to not embrace it. It draws in plenty of organic traffic and keeps people coming back for more. To feed the sales funnel, content is the best way to draw qualified visitors into becoming leads.

There is one approach to this type of marketing that offers the same benefits as well as others: intense online content marketing. This type of marketing happens when you add content to your website every day or even multiple times a day. Ramping up a great deal of content in a short amount of time will give your website a big boost in traffic. The search engines will give high marks to the fresh content as long as it is quality and SEO rich.

What are some of the tangible benefits you will get by adopting intense online content marketing?

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Topics: web traffic, Quick way to generate leads online, inbound marketing, Generate web traffic without PPC, online content marketing, what is content marketing, keywords, search engine rankings

Anatomy of a PPC Campaign – A Quick Way to Generate Leads Online

Posted by Chris Muccio on Mar 6, 2013 8:01:00 AM

Are you looking for a quick way to generate leads online? Many companies find that their traffic numbers are lagging behind expectations and they need to get those numbers up quickly. Or, they are launching a new website and want to generate as much traffic as possible in a short time period. A focused, well-designed PPC campaign offers a way to get traffic numbers up in a short time period. But, before you jump into a campaign, you need to understand what PPC is and how it works.

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Topics: web traffic, PPC Success, Convert PPC traffic to leads, Get the most value from PPC, roi, leads, new customers, customer acquisition, Quick way to generate leads online, SEO, business growth

These Businesses Get the Most Value from PPC

Posted by Chris Muccio on Mar 5, 2013 10:17:00 AM
Not every business can benefit from PPC. Here are some types of businesses that get the most value from PPC.

PPC campaigns can generate a great deal of traffic for many business websites. But, some companies may find that the cost of the PPC campaign is too high for their business. It is important to match your traffic generation costs with your product's price point. Ideally, you will keep lowering your costs while increasing your sales.

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Topics: web traffic, PPC Success, Convert PPC traffic to leads, Get the most value from PPC, new customers, customer acquisition, Quick way to generate leads online, Digital Business, leads online, business growth

Generate Leads - It All Starts with Web Traffic

Posted by Chris Muccio on Feb 28, 2013 10:24:00 AM

The first piece in the puzzle to generate leads starts with web traffic.  The logical next question then is, how do you get people to visit your website? That is something every business owner needs to think about. Without good traffic visiting your website, you will not get the leads so critical for gaining sales.

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