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Your Competition is Wasting Money: How to Generate Web Traffic without PPC

Posted by Chris Muccio on Feb 26, 2013 8:49:00 PM

Your business needs high-quality traffic to grow. Generating traffic is essential for your inbound marketing efforts and your lead generation needs. High-quality traffic includes anyone who has a focused interest on your product or service. You need that quality to generate leads and funnel them into paying customers.  

new business online leads developmentIn today's competitive marketplace, there are a couple of ways to generate traffic:

Organic traffic is free. The downside to the low-cost is the time it takes to build that traffic. But there are techniques that make this process go faster.

Paid traffic does bring people to your website faster than organic. The biggest downside, besides the very expensive cost, is that the quality of traffic you get is often low. So, you are often paying for people to visit your site and they do not become leads. 

Organic traffic allows you to generate web traffic without PPC. The best thing is that it will cost less than PPC or other paid traffic generators. The upfront cost of content and SEO efforts may be a bit higher, but the results will pay many times over. 

How do you make this happen?

  1. What is the purpose of your content? You might be surprised that many companies have no idea why they have a blog and its purpose. Your blog needs a clear focus to generate the organic traffic you want. You need to have a clearly defined target audience. Without a focus to the blog and a clear audience, your blogger is just wasting time.
  2. What are your critical keywords? Keywords are those magic phrases that people use to search for your website. You need to know what people are using and whether it is relevant to your message. Look at the questions people commonly ask about your industry, product, or service. Those questions will give you hints about the search phrases. To find out which keywords are popular, research is necessary. One simple way to do that is to type in a word or phrase to Google's home page. But, do not press enter. As you type in the phrase, a drop down will appear showing search phrases that contain those words. Those are generally high ranked phrases you can use.
  3. Which keywords are the ones everyone is after?  Most industries have highly contested keywords. In the weight loss industry, there are literally millions of pages available on the keyword "weight loss." Trying to rank high for that keyword is a waste of time. Taking that keyword and finding related ones is the better idea. Longer keyword phrases are less competitive, but still bring plenty of traffic. In the weight loss category, a keyword like "weight loss for teenagers" is workable. These longer phrases will generate web traffic without PPC.
  4. How do you make your title friendly to the search engines? It is important to make your article titles Google friendly. The title needs to include your keyword. If your keyword is "weight loss for teenagers," then your title can be "Tips and Tricks to Promote Weight Loss for Teenagers." A title like "How Can You Make Your Teen Slim" will be less likely to come up in search engine results.

You need to make every article or blog post on your website count towards getting higher quality traffic. That means knowing your blog purpose and audience. Find your keywords and avoid the ones that everyone else fights over. Incorporate your keyword into your article title to make it easier for Google to find it. All of this will generate web traffic without PPC.

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